About Us

With the current speed of information circulating today, a News Channel that is able to pack the news of Republic of Indonesia in the form of latest news and magazine (timeless news) that is properly and balanced with premium audio visual quality and nation branding capability is needed. So that the balanced and positive news about Indonesia can be well conveyed to the world community.

Sea Today will broadcast information that occurs in Indonesia (mostly) in English and packaged in a balanced, light, classy, and informative manner.Sea Today itself will target AB's 24-45-year-old market through Indihome TV. Apart from using Indihome TV as the main broadcast channel, Sea Today has also built other channels using social media accounts to reach a wider audience. Sea today will be distributed to pay tv in various countries in the world.

Not only displaying the latest news about Indonesia, Sea Today will also pack the stories about the beauty of Indonesia, the global achievements of its children, the hospitality of its citizens and everything positive about Indonesia into a documentary program with a premium quality.Sea Today uses a broadcast system with the latest end-to-end high-definition technology and is integrated with social media so that it can keep up with the speed of news emerging from the digital realm. In addition to using existing digital platforms, Sea Today will develop user generated content-based applications to build speed and proximity of sources without being limited by distance and time.

Sea Today is being premiered with a duration of 3 hours broadcast, and will gradually continue to increase the broadcasting hours of its programs until April 2021 when launching.